Charging stations in Antwerp:
in Parking Diamant too

Charging stations in Antwerp: in Parking Diamant too

Need a charging station for your electric car? You will find one at Parking Diamant in the heart of Antwerp. Parking Diamant has eight such charging stations, so you don’t have to drive around Antwerp looking for one.

Electric charging stations in Antwerp: In Parking Diamant

Electric charging stations are not yet widespread in Antwerp.  You find them here and there, but if you want to be certain that you can charge your car, you can rely on Parking Diamant! Charge your car at one of the charging stations in Parking Diamant while you are at work, out shopping or enjoying a weekend in Antwerp.

Electric charging for everyone

Eight charging stations are available  for people who park their cars for short periods of time and for members.

The former can charge their car completely and are then notified by an app when the vehicle is charged. You find Parking Diamant through your app and you pay through your app. Prefer to pay by cash or credit card? No problem. It’s easy and user friendly.

For subscribers:  loose or fixed place with electric charging station

Members have a choice between a loose place and a fixed place. Those with a fixed place can stay in their private spot with electric charging station the whole day. Do you have a pass for a loose place? You can also charge your car without restriction. You are notified by an app that your car has been fully charged and that you can move it, so that the place with electric charging station can be made available for another member.  You are invoiced monthly for your consumption through an automatic registration:  practical and inclusive.

Charge your car fast and easy in Antwerp: Opt for Parking Diamant.
All practical information on our charging stations is available here!