Parking at Antwerp Central Station?
Parking Diamant!

Parking at Antwerp Central Station? Parking Diamant!

Are you driving to Antwerp Central Station to take the train? Then Parking Diamant is your ideal base. You can just leave your car at our guarded parking facility and take the train to your final destination. Parking Diamant is a stone’s throw from Antwerp Central Station! This map shows the fastest and easiest way to get from Parking Diamant to Antwerp Central Station along the Vestingsstraat (just 200 metres from the entrance):

Parking near Antwerp Central Station: fast and easy

You can take the train from the heart of Antwerp fast and easy in Antwerp Central Station to reach all Belgian cities in no time. International destinations such as Paris, Amsterdam, London and Berlin can also be reached from Antwerp Central Station in just a few hours. If you live in the centre of Antwerp and want to drive to Central Station, then fast and easy parking in the vicinity of Antwerp Central Station is a must.  Park fast, safe and easy in town in Parking Diamant. Consult our practical information. We also have budget-friendly passes!

Antwerp Central Station: an architectural gem in the heart of the city

Even if you do not have to take the train in Antwerp, the central station on the Astridplein and near the Antwerp Zoo simply has to be seen. The building dates from 1899 and was designed by the engineer Clément van Bogaert. It was erected in an eclectic style based in particular on the Pantheon in Rome and the old station building in Luzern, Switzerland.  Antwerp Central Station still looks simply fantastic today, after being restored in the 1980s and extended in recent years. Nowadays you can also shop and enjoy a meal in the many restaurants and eateries at Antwerp Central Station.

Park smart at Antwerp Central Station: Opt for Parking Diamant.
All practical information for a day of parking at Antwerp Central Station is available here!