at Keyserlei and Meir

Parking at Keyserlei and Meir

Parking Diamant is a stone’s throw away from the Keyserlei and the Meir, and thus right in the centre of Antwerp. Its central location makes Parking Diamant your ideal parking facility when you want to spend a day shopping in Antwerp. And if you are interested in spending a weekend in Antwerp, a number of hotels are located on the Keyserlei and the Meir and thus near Parking Diamant also. All you have to do is take your bags out of the car and walk a few metres to your hotel for your weekend in Antwerp.

Parking Diamant at the Hyllit Hotel

Hotel Hyllit is a luxurious four-star hotel on the Keyserlei. Its central location makes it the perfect base for a weekend in Antwerp. You will be lodging near the shopping streets.  This hotel in the heart of Antwerp is ideal for business people as well. Parking Diamant is near the Hyllit Hotel, so you can just park your car safely with peace of mind during your weekend in Antwerp.

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Parking Diamant and the Antwerp City Center Hotel

Formerly the Alfa Empire Hotel, this establishment is located above Parking Diamant and is a great place to start your weekend in Antwerp, thanks to its location right in the centre, on the Keyserlei within walking distance from the Meir and next to the diamond district. The direct entrance in Parking Diamant to the hotel makes your stay even more comfortable. The Municipal Park is nearby as well.

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UGC Cinema and Parking Diamant

Keen to see a film in the evening, but not drive around endlessly looking for a suitable parking place?  Just park your car safely and with peace of mind in Parking Diamant, which is located less than 3 minutes on foot from the Gaumont Cinema, and go ahead and enjoy your film.

Century Center and Parking Diamant

This nice shopping centre on the Vestingstraat is also near Parking Diamant. It plays host in particular to Media Markt, a McDonald’s, Standaard Boekhandel, Bart Smit, Kipling, a number of jewellery shops and clothing boutiques.  It is the place to be for those who want to spend a wonderful day shopping in the centre of Antwerp. Parking Diamant is practically next to it. So dropping your shopping bags in your car during your shopping spree takes no time at al.

DelRey and Parking Diamant

DelRey is a concept in Antwerp and beyond.  It is the city’s chocolatier par excellence.  If you want to sit and relax after all that shopping, you have come to the right place at DelRey. Try the wonderful artisanal chocolate, pralines, macaroons, cakes and other delights. You can reach the DelRey shop or their Chocolate Lounge in no time.

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Empire Shopping Center and Parking Diamant

Your will find everything your shopping heart desires in the  Empire Shopping Center, located right above Parking Diamant. You need not even go outside to shop on the Keyserlei! You will find cosy eateries and all sorts of jewellery shops in this shopping centre too.

Diamond retailers and jewellery shops in the Appelmanstraat and Vestingstraat

As its name announces, Parking Diamant is the base for those who want to visit many jewellery shops and diamond retailers in the Vestingstraat and Appelmansstraat.  Leave your car in Parking Diamant and the gem of your dreams awaits you in the many nice shops nearby.

SPark smart at the Keyserlei and the Meir: Opt for Parking Diamant.
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