Parking in the diamond district in Antwerp?
Parking Diamant!

The Diamond district in Antwerp

Are you planning to visit the diamond district in Antwerp, or going there for business? Parking Diamant is situated in the very centre of the district, with entrances on the Vestingstraat and Appelmansstraat.  The diamond district has been there far longer than Parking Diamant. Antwerp has been the capital of the world diamond trade worldwide for more than 570 years.  The Antwerp World Diamond Center will kick off the Diamond Year as of June 2017 featuring all sorts of events that will continue on into 2018.

If you want to experience the atmosphere in this special neighbourhood, park smart, fast and safe in Parking Diamant!

A visit to the diamond exchange and a diamond cutting establishment? Just park nearby in Parking Diamant

You can take a guided tour of the diamond exchange and a diamond cutting establishment. Your guide will immerse you in the world of diamonds and you will relive the heyday of the Antwerp diamond industry in the 19th century.  Book your guide and your tour through the diamond district, then park conveniently and economically in Parking Diamant.

Buy a jewel in the diamond district? Trust the Antwerp Most Brilliant label

Would you like to buy a beautiful ring with precious stones? Then come along to the diamond district, where you will find various jewellers with the Antwerp Most Brilliant label.  This label is attributed by an independent inspection board to the most reliable and high quality jewellers in Antwerp. These jewellers contribute to Antwerp’s stellar reputation as the diamond capital of the world. You will find several of them in the vicinity of Parking Diamant in the Vestingstraat and Appelmansstraat.

Street Art stroll in the diamond district: start in Parking Diamant!

A special street art stroll is to be held for the Diamond Year devoted, as expected, to the diamond!  Discover the surprising world of graphic art on facades and in buildings, in all styles, with a guide or on your own. You can park nearby the start of the Street Art stroll in Parking Diamant. Read more about the street art stroll in the diamond district  here.

Staying in a hotel in the diamond district? Park nearby in Parking Diamant

Keen on spending a nice weekend in Antwerp? Or do you come to Antwerp to work? There are various hotels for every budget in the diamond district such as the Antwerp City Center Hotel, Premier Suites Plus Antwerp, the Hyllett Hotel, Empire Hotel, Condessa, Astoria Hotel, Queen A Antwerp, … You can park easily nearby each time at an attractive rate in the Parking Diamant.

Park smart in the diamond district: Opt for Parking Diamant.
All practical information for a day in the city’s most brilliant quarter!