Parking during Antwerp events:
Parking Diamant

Parking during Antwerp events: Parking Diamant

There are all sorts of recurring events, festivities and occasions that attract many people to Antwerp every year. It is important at such times to find a parking place fast and easy in the centre of Antwerp, then proceed to the precise location on foot, by bike or by tram. It can be that easy when you opt for Parking Diamant. Near the Keyserlei and the Meir, Parking Diamant is the base for all events and festivities in Antwerp.

Vreemdelingenmarkt [Foreigners’ Market] or Saturday market on the Oudevaartplaats

You can do your shopping every Saturday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Saturday Market, also known as the Foreigners’ Market, thanks to the countless southern and exotic dishes, fruit and vegetables that you can buy here. You can chill out nicely with champagne and oysters.  So leave your car in the Parking Diamant and come and enjoy the Saturday Market.

Bird market on the Oudevaartplaats

The Foreigners’ Market on Saturday is followed by the even better known Bird Market on Sunday. Formerly, birds (as expected) and other domesticated animals were sold at this market. In the 21st century, these animals have made room for fruit, vegetables, clothing and many antique and second-hand stalls. Interested in a nice stroll through the many stands on Sunday?  Then park your car in Parking Diamant and make your way to the Bird market!

Sunday shopping in Antwerp

You can now enjoy shopping in Antwerp also on the first Sunday of every month, with more Sundays scheduled in December because of Christmas and the holidays. If you want to park near all the shops, then Parking Diamant is the ideal spot, near the Keyserlei and the Meir: it could not be simpler!

Summer in Antwerp

Summer in Antwerp is a summer celebration, a festival and perhaps the highlight of the year in Antwerp. The programme for Summer in Antwerp changes every year and features all sorts of activities and events for young and old:  music in the neighbourhood, film screenings outdoors, theatre and circus, summer bar, etc. The festival lasts two months (July and August) and is held at various places in the centre of Antwerp, making Parking Diamant the ideal parking facility if you do not want to miss out on anything during the Summer in Antwerp!

Antwerp Tastes

The culinary sensation in Antwerp will surprise you year after year. All sorts of restaurants, starred chefs, food trucks and other eateries pitch their tents in Antwerp.  There are stalls, bars, indoor and outdoor cafes that make this event a unique experience irrespective of the weather. Park your car in Parking Diamant and experience Antwerp Tastes from up close.  Antwerp Tastes is always held at the end of April or in the first half of May.

Christmas market and ice rink

You can enjoy Belgium’s finest Christmas market in December in Antwerp. The many wooden chalet-style booths feature all sorts of delicacies and knickknacks.  The ice rink is a source of great pleasure for the athletically minded and always adds a wintery touch to the Christmas market.

Winter in Antwerp

If there is a Summer in Antwerp, there has to be a Winter in Antwerp too! All sorts of events with a wintery atmosphere are held throughout the centre of Antwerp at the end of the year. You can skate on the ice rink, and there is a winter fair, a tubing hill, winter golf, and a Ferris wheel on the Steenplein.  Parking Diamant is the easy parking solution for all these events!

China Light Zoo

China Light Zoo turns the Antwerp Zoo into an oasis of lights. This light festival sets all sorts of animals and other Chinese objects in a sea of light. It starts at 6:00 in the evening when the animals have turned in and the city is plunged in darkness.  Wows are guaranteed! Park fast and safe nearby the China Light Zoo in Parking Diamant.

And so many other events…

There are many other events and festivities in Antwerp, such as the Antwerp 10 miles, the Beer Passion Weekend, the Chocolate Week, Lambermontmartre and the Rubens Market on 15 August. You can park easily and comfortably in Parking Diamant for all these events!

Park smart at Antwerp Central Station: Opt for Parking Diamant.
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